Board of Directors

The Newcastle District Golf Association (NDGA) was founded in 1925 and is run by an honorary committee to assist in the administration, support and promotion of golf in the Newcastle district, in conjunction with the 16 Affiliated Clubs that constitute the Association.

The NDGA conducts an annual Championship for A, B and C Grade players as well as a Pennant series for these grades. The Association works in close liaison with the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation to foster Junior golf within the Newcastle District.

Current Executive Members


Rod held the position of Club Captain of Shortland Waters GC for 7 years and served on the District Match Committee for 4 years before becoming Secretary in 2014.


Mick had a long term tenure as District Vice President before taking on the role of President in 2014. Awarded Life Membership in 2011.


Stan has been a long-term Captain of Toronto CC and Delegate - before taking on the Role of Vice-President in 2017


Philip took over the role of Treasurer in 2016. Comes from a legal background and served as a Director at Newcastle GC


Don has been involved in Junior Golf most of his adult life. He has an excellent rapport with Golfers and particularly Juniors of all levels. Awarded Life Membership in 2017.


Position not filled at AGM


Match Committee

  • Danny Winter


  • Darren Searl


  • Dave Hartney


  • Frank Musgrave


  • Gary Troon


  • Ian Lovell


  • John Waanders


  • Lee Rankin


  • Ron Dodd


  • Steve Pryor


  • Wayne Barnden



Honour Board

Life Members of the Association

1976     L.R. Evitt *  P.R. West *  D.M Wood *

1982     M.L. England *

1984     L.W. Clark

1990     F. Musgrave

1994     W.D. Naughton

1996     E. Cottam *

2001     C. Johnston  N. Bell  W. Clarke *  J. Jeffrey *  F. Tobin *

2008     J.B. Waanders  P.E. Cortaville *

2009     R.Ogram

2011     M.Dodd

2017    D.Nelson

                                                             *  Deceased


Previous Office Bearers

Northern Golf Association

President                                     1908-19    A.A. Rankin

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer     1908-19    E. Strangeways Jones
Newcastle and Hunter Valley Golf Association

President                                       1919-25    A.A. Rankin

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer    1919-25     E. Strangeways Jones


Newcastle District Golf Association

President     1925-29     A.A. Rankin

1929-59     Dr.J.H.B. Brown

1959-63     H.J Walton

1963-70     P.R.West

1970-75     M.J. England

1975-87     L.W. Clark

1987-02     W.D. Naughton

2002-08     J.B. Waanders

2008-10     K. Martin

2010-12     P.E. Cortaville

2012-13     J.B. Waanders

2013-14     K. Hughes

2014-        M. Dodd


Vice President     1929-60     O.C. Colley

  1960-67     J. Vidler

  1967-70     L.R. Evitt

  1970-75     L.W. Clark

  1975-84     O. Tolhurst

  1984-86     T. Fitzpatrick

  1986-87     W.D. Naughton

  1987-02     F. Tobin

  2002-05     F. Musgrave

  2005-14     M. Dodd

  2014-15     D. Hartney

  2015-17     P. Cortaville

  2017-         S. Blackhall


Hon. Secretary and Treasurer    1925-35     E. Strangeways Jones

1935-38     J.W. Beckett

1938-53     M.J. Martin


Hon. Secretary       1953-55     J. Bryne

1955-59     H.J. Walton

1959-63     P.R. West

1963-91     M.L. Hughes

1991-02     J.B. Waanders

2002-08     P.E. Cortaville

2008-11     J.B. Waanders

2011-13     P.E. Cortaville

2013-14     D. Hartney

2014-         R.R. Carruthers


 Hon. Treasurer     1953-67      L.R. Evitt

1967-77     D.M. Wood

1977-85     R.W. Bartley

1985-03     J.A Jeffrey

2003-05     J. O'Brien

2005-12     C. Scotting

2012-16      J.B. Waanders

2016-         P. Davies